About Bluewater Advanced Treatment Units ATUs and Turbo septic tank inserts.

Sewage treatment generally involves primary, secondary and tertiary treatment. These can involve complicated processes and controls. With Bluewater we have made it Simple and Uncomplicated.

Bluewater's have NO moving parts in the ground, and there are no complicated controls. Tertiary treatment provides a final treatment stage to further improve the effluent quality before it is discharged to the receiving environment (sea, river, lake, wet lands, drain fields, ground, etc.) 

Bluewater's can be specified with additional denitrification and UV disinfection 

Our statistics

Septic Tank Problems Approved in over 27 States 
Waste Water Treatment Exported to many countries throughout the World
Waste Water Treatment Unique long-life polypropylene Warden Biomedia
Sewage Treatment Made in the USA to exact standards and specifications